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Can I bring a friend to CMA events?

The writer’s group and some other events are for members only, but at least one event per month is open to non-members for a small fee. Guests must be registered on our website through the event registration forms.

Am I guaranteed a spot at events?

While we try to accommodate as many people as are interested in each event, our events are on a first come, first served basis. There is a waiting list for events that are full.

Is there a payment plan or do I need to pay my entire membership fee up front?

We do not currently offer payment plans.

I don’t remember when my membership expires – how can I find out?

Your online profile includes information about your membership term. If you are having trouble accessing your online profile, contact membership.

I’m interested in an event but I don’t live in New York. Can I participate online?

We working on a web-only membership at a reduced rate that includes access to members-only areas, including the job board and other exclusive scholarly and career resources. We’re working to make events available online in various formats (video, audio, streaming video) in the future. Stay tuned!

I’m interested in volunteering for CMA. Do you accept volunteers?

As our leadership is entirely volunteer-based, there are often opportunities to join the Board of Directors or to take on a Coordinator role in Events, Membership or Communication. Check out the “Join Us” page on our site, or reach out to for more.

I wanted to meet the speaker at the last event but had to run off. Where can I find his/her contact info?

You can email our events team at to inquire about speakers’ contact information. Though some of our speakers might choose to keep their contact information private, if s/he was comfortable sharing their contact info with event attendees, we’ll happily pass it on to you.

Are there CMA chapters in other cities?

Currently, we have a chapter New York City, and one in Los Angeles.

Can I get a refund for my membership dues?

Your satisfaction is important to us. Unfortunately, Children’s Media Association memberships and events are not refundable and non-transferable. All donations to Children’s Media Association are tax deductible and cannot be refunded.