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Stacey Weingarten

Stacey is a freelance writer, producer, director, and puppet artist. She believes that children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way! In addition to supporting […]

Angela Parrish

Angela Parrish is a Los Angeles-based songwriter, composer, record producer, artist, and multi-instrumentalist. A musical Swiss Army Knife, Angela creates across multiple genres with joy, authenticity, and humor. She has […]

Connie Tais

Connie Tais graduated from Hofstra University, NY with a BA in film studies and production and a minor in drama. She watched TV for the first time when she was […]

Wendy Ryan

Wendy is a brand development and content strategist with a passion for developing and delivering compelling, engaging, and fun experiences for kids, families, and fans of all ages. She has […]

Makena Metz

Makena Metz (she/her) is an LA native who writes fantasy, sci-fi, and magical realism for the page, screen, and stage. She is getting her MFA in Creative Writing and MA […]