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Gina McCullars

“Marketing is like solving a complicated puzzle: by creatively blending intricate variables they eventually form into a beautiful work of art and engaging story,” Gina G. McCullars openly explains when asked about her passion. Her love for her career began Junior year in a marketing class at Teaneck High School. The connection between business, branding, and promoting excited her and resulted in success in her studies.

Gina has a master’s in business administration, (MBA), in Marketing but mastered her “people studies” during undergrad when she studied Sociology. Combined, the two have led to her successful career.

As an advocate for kid-based branding, entertainment and learning, Gina is a monumental leader within the Marketing and Digital space. She has been a part of enhancing and influencing family focused media throughout her 12 plus years of experience. Corporations such as Toys R Us, ViacomCBS-Nickelodeon, and now Lunii have contributed to her gaining a vast amount of knowledge and advocacy in the children’s sector.

She is not only a motivated supporter; she a wife of eight years and also a loving mom to a 4-year-old boy. Family is her top priority, and she values it for others. She has led Direct 2 Consumer (D2C) initiatives such as the “SpongeBob Shop” encouraging an active sense of play for kids. Gina continues to design and produce promotions directed at inspiring the growing minds of today for their potential.

“The power of children’s influence is monumental. Having the opportunity to plant a seed and watch it flourish would be nothing less than rewarding. I would love to give back to my professional community and remain engaged in the industry,” Gina expresses about her prospective contributions.